The Truth About Skin Care The Truth About Skin Care
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The Truth About Skin Care


Skincare is so much more than a pretty face. Discover the secrets of healthy skin and how you can improve your health by taking care of your skin.


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First and foremost, the most important skin care, beauty, healthy skin technique, is to be happy with yourself. As they say... being happy in the skin you’re in.   As a former model and T.V. commercial actress, Karen experienced the unrealistic expectations of a woman's beauty, and the discouragement and confidence-breaker it can be. She speaks to women about the joys of aging and overcoming any stigmas in healthy ways. This book is intended to extend that knowledge to you as you embrace Beautiful You, while keeping yourself healthy inside and out.

  • Jessica
    14 Nov 2019

    I receive a copy of this eBook and was blown away by the information Karen shares. It is not just about how to take care of your skin but you learn about your skin as a body organ and how it helps us stay healthy in a toxic world. If you are looking for the secrets to having healthy skin, this book delivers. It doesn't matter what your age, this books will give you secrets and tips that will help you have healthier skin and a better attitude

  • Katie
    13 Feb 2020

    Wow! This book is packed with great information. I have started many of the tips Karen shares and my face looks so much better. Thank you!