Only Fools and Horses Work - Book 1 Only Fools and Horses Work - Book 1
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Only Fools and Horses Work - Book 1


This book teaches you the secrets of financial, time and geographical freedom.


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The title refers to the concept, going back many hundreds of years, that it was the common people (The fools) and dumb animals (The horses) that used to do all the hard work in the past at the bidding of their masters. If you were smart, you found a legal way of making a living without resorting to hard work or selling your time and freedom to someone else.

Putting this into a modern context, it means that it is the people with jobs and the ones managing them that are the ones who are working for a living.

Selling your time for money is limited to 24 hours a day and any income from this strategy is always going to be limited.

You go to work to earn money by selling your time for wages, but it is at home where you decide what you do with your money and that is what determines your financial status.

So we are looking to NOT BE working in a job and we DO NOT want to be employing anybody. We DO want to have other people working for our benefit, but we do not want to be actually employing them to work for us.

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