The 100 Year Old Joke Book The 100 Year Old Joke Book

The 100 Year Old Joke Book

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Enjoy 100 year old jokes, riddles, puns and conundrums presented in this delightful ebook for your reading pleasure. If you are a lover of the English language this is `right up your alley`.


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These conundrums were first published 100 years ago and the delightful people at Project Gutenburg have re-printed them in digital form.  The work is in the Public Domain and available to everyone...free!   Some money from sales of this book will be given to Project Gutenburg so they can continue to make more books available

The authors and their book titles, are mentioned on the dedication page of this ebook.  Collating the contents was such fun taking me since December 2019 to read through the hundreds and hundreds of conundrums.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for your reading pleasure.


  • Sue Raymond
    15 Jul 2020

    Enjoyed the cleverness of the jokes