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Hello Their Visitor

Welcome to JW Book Store.

This website is a dream come through for me. In my family growing up, there was two constant themes running in the family. One was Music of all sorts. To be played throughout the house and back garden. The other theme and more appropriate theme for this website was Book Reading.

As a kid growing up, I dreamed of owning my own store for either Music or Books. Maybe mixing a bit of both. Now music streaming (notably by Spotify and others) has kind of ruined that idea. But thankfully reading books has never gone out of fashion. Even with the invention of the eBook Reader (kindle). Now finally I can achieve one of those dreams. Yip Ho ray for me.

So how does this help you the visitor? Well on this site I intend to offer both my own published books in PDF format. For easy download to your local reading or printing device. At competitive prices. No middlemen, so savings passed onto the customer. Paperback versions will also be available through Amazon and others. Spiral journal can be ordered on request.

There will be a mixed range of books from Colouring Books, Puzzles, Sudoku, Word Search in activity packs or individual books. Also, Daily Planner Journals and Check Sheets.

Thanks Again for coming to view our website. I Look forward to serving you as a valued customer.

John Wogan

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