Gillian McGinty

Gillian McGinty

About Gillian McGinty

Gillian McGinty has been in the property developer business for many years, working for herself buying, renovating, improving, modernising and selling/renting properties. She has focused on residential properties, but has also successfully developed some industrial and office premises.

She has done this successfully through all the boom and bust cycles of the economy and house prices since the mid 1980’s, and while she has had her share of problems, she has come out on top overall. She is a very positive minded person who regards any problems she has had as a beneficial learning experience, such that she would know how to easily deal with a similar issue again.

Gillian has been very successful as a developer and is looking forward to a comfortable retirement. She made the decision to write about her knowledge and experiences and to put them into books to help and guide future property developers, so that they can get a bit of a jump start and to accelerate their learning curve.

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