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  • Low Carb Dieting Secrets Low Carb Dieting Secrets
    Food, Cooking & Drink
    Low Carb Dieting Secrets

    Although there have certainly been other low-carb or low-sugar diet plans before, let’s take a look at the basics of how they fit into the real world today. more


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  • Ketogenic Diet
    Food, Cooking & Drink
    Ketogenic Diet

    The ketogenic diet or "Keto-Diet" is an extremely low-carb, high-fat-diet with many health benefits. This ebook will give you the low down of what you need to know about Keto Diet. more


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  • 30 Day Low Carb Diet Ketosis Plan 30 Day Low Carb Diet Ketosis Plan
    Health, Fitness & Lifestyle
    30 Day Low Carb Diet Ketosis Plan

    Welcome to our 30 Day Low Carb Diet ‘Ketosis Plan’. You can use the book as a guide to help get you started on your way should you be new to the low carb diet, or just off it for a while and in need of a specific plan to help you along the wa more

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  • The Keto Basics
    Health, Fitness & Lifestyle
    The Keto Basics

    Dr. Josh Axe, in his national bestselling book Keto Diet, claims that in 30 days you can lose weight, balance hormones, boost brain health, and reverse disease with the Keto diet. I lost 32 pounds and feel 10 years younger. It worked for me! more