Frameworks: The Price of Delusion
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Frameworks: The Price of Delusion


A 490 page Supernatural Futuristic Fiction Novel that will take you on a roller coaster ride with many twist and turns, even becoming difficult to tell what is true and what is fiction in YOUR reality. $10.00 Coupon applied




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2nd Edition

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If you liked stories like Avatar, Inception, or Lost- you'll love reading this book.
Get your hands on this exciting --Supernatural Thriller.
Do you wonder whether or not there has already been alien visitation or influence in our global affairs today?
Do you feel the tides of technology teasing and enticing us towards self enhancement, development, and community?
Do you believe in the paranormal or spiritual realm as a reality?
Would you like to read a book that could make you feel as if you were inside the book yourself?
Dr. Decker, a brilliant Nanotechnologist and Virtual Reality Engineer, is suddenly tapped by the government to help them on one of their Top Secret projects. Seeing this as a lucrative promotion and an opportunity to work with the latest advancements in his field, he decided to accept their offer. Little did he know that he was about to take a journey into a new reality. As time moved on, he went from the excitement of seeing how far mankind had progressed to the horrors of the high price that man would pay to get there. No man or woman had ever dreamt of the dangers inherent in the interweavement of human potential with good and evil, dangers that resulted in the ultimate hijacking of the human mind.

  • Francis W.
    05 Jun 2019

    Couldn't put the book down. One of the characters in the book resonated with my own life. I read it twice

  • Lisa
    14 Jul 2011

    This is an amazing book! I can't say how much I enjoyed reading it. I've been doing a lot of my own research on conspiracy theories and secret societies for the last year or so, and I can't believe how this book pulls it all together and connects all the dots. As engrossing and entertaining as this book is, it goes WAY beyond entertaining.

  • Adrian Ramirez
    12 Aug 2015

    I thought it was great book about fictional character and what he went through and what he discovered. He as scientist realizes his work was going change a lot of people's lives for the better, but people used that technology for other purposes. As I read each chapter it left me wanting more. So it is a page turner, a very entertaining story.