How to Ensure a Great High School Exchange Year - Host Family Edition
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How to Ensure a Great High School Exchange Year - Host Family Edition


You want a successful exchange experience! This month by month guide for host families helps make that happen, and can save you pain and aggravation.



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This book by The Exchange Mom's Laura Kosloff and Mark Trexler breaks the high school exchange year into six distinct phases. Each of these phases tends to be characterized by its own issues and potential problems as exchange students arrive in the U.S., get accustomed to school and their host family, and then start to think about returning home. 

The book walks host families through each phase, identifying the key things to be aware of during that phase, and helps spot potential issues before they turn into problems. If you do see a problem starting to develop you can take FREE advantage of the Exchange Mom's unique on-line database of more than 500 case studies and recommendations covering almost every conceivable issue.  With the on-line database you can zero in only on the topics and questions that are relevant to your needs, and it's FREE.