101 Things To Do From Home Right Now! 101 Things To Do From Home Right Now!
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101 Things To Do From Home Right Now!


Coronavirus has shaken the world and has brought us to a point where we can no longer engage in activities that used to make up our daily routines. So how about something to help you get through this time and not go insane?


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Whether we are working, studying, or just lazing around, somehow the days just seem longer. So, what do we do now with all this time we have with, alone or with our families, unable to go out except for essentials? Surely we can use this time better!

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  • Gladys Flores
    28 May 2020

    The eBook is fun and easy to read. Lots of great content and I personally love the links shared in through the book.

  • Jojo Ramos
    02 Jun 2020

    Very entertaining with just the right amount of humor. Needless to say this book reaches out to anyone with the knack for knowledge and enthusiasm. The writer drives an upbeat rythm of thoughtfull ideas that we sometimes neglect and oftentimes taken for granted. Big thumbs up!

  • Vicki LaBarbera
    29 May 2020

    101 Things To Do From Home Right Now! By Victor Benvenuto Is Just right, it’s interesting, entertaining, and educational book you will enjoy the reading is simple and straight to the point with what is our reality now days, the author describes in brief activities things to do when you get to much extra time at home due to unexpected events. This book will help you with ideas and how to manage your free time is perfect for any ages. I totally recommend it!! the best thing is reasonable price , you won’t regret to buy this book

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