Six Things Our Children Need From Parents Six Things Our Children Need From Parents
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Six Things Our Children Need From Parents


Children (any age) have Needs for their Parents to fill. This e-book outlines some of those needs.



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This inspiration for me to produce this E-book came to me while helping my clients. 

When handed  the bundle of joy, there was not a manual  "How to Parent". 

I do recall Dr Spock in the 70s as a reference point.   

Being a single parent of 3 children for 10 years, I found myself lost in what had to be done versus what I would like to do. 

"Parenting requires we find the balance between loving our children, disciplining them and allowing them the necessary confusion and suffering essential for their self-discovery."  by Sherrie Campbell

The 6 items in this E-book can serve as a starting point for any age child.   

If you are questioning what is important for your child, as a parent, this may help validate you. 

It may plant some ideas when you need help.

This is a nice gift for new parents or parents who seem frustrated about being a parent.  

The original article was written by Sherrie Campbell, PhD, Contributor, Clinical Psychologist, Author.  



Sharon Davis, LCSW